OK Go release incredible new video for "The One Moment"

OK Go release incredible new video for "The One Moment"

By Harry Irons

American Rock outfit OK Go turn heads again with the release of their innovative new video for "The One Moment".

The quartet from Chicaco have garnered considerable fame for their impressive music videos and choreography, which earned them a Grammy Award for their viral hit "Here it Goes Again" back in 2007. This time around, however, it is lead singer-turned-director Damien Kulash, Jr. who steals the spotlight on this project, taking over duties from sister Trish Sie.


The appropriately titled song "The One Moment" is "a celebration of (and a prayer for) those moments in life when we are most alive" according to Kulash.

"For the video, we tried to represent this idea literally — we shot it in a single moment. We constructed a moment of total chaos and confusion, and then unraveled that moment, discovering the beauty, wonder, and structure within."

Although released in 2014, the track is a subtle reminder of how beautiful life can be when you're living it, but those moments wont last forever. In a particular time when the world is changing, this song feels particularly relevant. 



The planning for the video took the form of a complex, mathematical spreadsheet "25 columns wide and nearly 400 rows long."  The spreadsheet contains a network of numbers that correlate to specific timings, durations and frame speeds in order for the events to move fluently in time with the beat. 

"The whole point of the video is to explore a time scale that we can’t normally experience, but because it’s so inaccessible to us, our tools for dealing with it are indirect."

Filming Process

Kulash directed the video roughly over the course of seven weeks. It was shot using a host of digital triggers, synchronised to robotic arms that then set off a line of ultra-high-speed cameras; no single camera could handle the speed nor the rapid change in direction the way the band intended. The filming was in fact shot in just 4.2 seconds of real time, though the scene in which Kulash is lip syncing was shot over 16 seconds, adding "we thought it was important to have a moment of human contact at this point in the song, so we returned to the realm of human experience."

 Credit: OK Go   YouTube channel

Credit: OK Go YouTube channel

The timing of the video was executed by toggling between different speeds for each section; in particular, when the guitars are exploding towards the end we are seeing around 6,000 frames per second (approximately 200x slower than normal speed), but it is only 150x slower when the watermelons are exploding.


Set Design/Props

According to Kulash, there are in total 325 events which unfold over the course of the video, including: 128 gold water balloons; 23 exploding paint buckets; 8 exploding watermelons and 18 defected acoustic guitars scrapped by Fender for not meeting quality standards. 

  Credit: OK Go    YouTube channel

Credit: OK Go YouTube channel

Morton Salt provided financial aid for the video. Their new branding campaign "Walk Her Walk" embodies positivity and aims to give opportunities and assistance to less fortunate individuals and young creatives, which the company felt ran parallel to the message beneath the track itself. Kulash used the company's salt to create a display of bursting colour, which we see at the start of the video. The video also includes subtle references to the company's mascot, the Umbrella Girl.


For more information about the #WALKHERWALK campaign, click here.

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