Spotify's 10-part animated series on music's untold tales

Spotify's 10-part animated series on music's untold tales

Ever wondered what inspired your favourite song? Or how a deodorant brand became a symbol for grunge rockers worldwide? Spotify's original animated series, "Drawn & Recorded" tells the untold tales in music history that got away.

Originally aired on November 10th, the animated series takes us on a journey of discovery, from Nirvana's hit single "Smell Like Teen Spirit", to the heroics of Old Dirty Bastard and much much more. The 10-part series, interpreted through beautifully animated illustrations, drawn by Seattle based illustrator Drew Christie, and narrated by 13-time Grammy Award winning producer and songwriter T Bone Burnett, tracks an adaptation of the music company developing into more than just a streaming service. 

Find below Drawn & Recorded's descriptions for each episode:

Blind Willie Johnson: Blind Willie in Space – Blind Willie Johnson saw only darkness, darkness that he poured into music, the blues.  Blind Willie Johnson lived a tragic life and died a young man.  But at least one of Blind Willie’s recordings will live on forever… voyaging through the darkness of space. Into eternity.

ODB: Ol’ Dirty Hero – He might have been a ‘bastard’ to many, but to one little girl in Brooklyn, Ol’ Dirty, was nothing short of a superhero, a guardian angel in grills.

Kurt Cobain: Teen Spirit – Find out how the scent of a woman inspired Kurt Cobain to write an anthem for the ages.

Louis Armstrong: Satchmo & Nixon – How did jazz legend, Louis Armstrong, make then-Vice President Richard Nixon his drug mule?

The Allman Brothers: Foot Shootin’ Party – With a little help from brother, Duane, Gregg Allman takes aim at an unpopular war but ends up shooting himself in the foot… literally.

Rolling Stones & Brian Jones: Death By Water  – Brian Jones founded The Rolling Stones.  But once fame and fortune visited upon the group, Brian had trouble keeping his head above water.  Mick Jagger threw his friend and bandmate a lifeline.  But could Brian Jones reach it?

Motorhead: Lemmy’s Revenge – A mutton-chopped bike-riding speed-freak is hell-bent on revenge.  Motorhead is on the move… and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Neil Young & Rick James: neil Young’s First Supergroup – The Vietnam-era draft broke up one of rock and roll’s ultimate odd couples though after the split each would go on to become an icon in his own right.

Merle Haggard: The Lonesome Fugitive – When Johnny Cash played San Quentin, he inspired a prisoner in the audience… and another country legend was born.

T.I. & Creed: The Angel T.I. – When Creed frontman, Scott Stapp, fell hard, the rapper, T.I., grew wings and saved his life.

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* The series' are available only on mobile devices through Spotify clients on iPhone and Android.

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