Top 5 Album Sleeves of the Month: March

Top 5 Album Sleeves of the Month: March

Here are our Top 5 shortlisted entries for March's Album Sleeves of the Month:

5. Meet You - Century Palm

Designed by: Michael George Haddad

Haddad's silkscreen print channels the work of Magritte and Dali to create a puzzling landscape design, emanating a kind of metaphysical aura that makes you question the nature of your mind. A relatively simple concept, this piece is nonetheless incredibly thought-provoking.

4. Hot Thoughts - Spoon

Designed by: Christine Messersmith

Spoon's Hot Thoughts design is imagined perfectly by Messersmith; the array of vivid, watery colours bleeding into each other produces this hot-headed, temperamental effect that one would associate with the most potent human emotions: strong love, absolute rage, radiant joy, and possibly even grief.

3. FROM DEEWEE - Soulwax

Designed by: Ill Studio

The cover image for Soulwax's eighth album features an AKG binaural microphone shaped like a human head, which captures sound in both the left and right ears. The creative minds at Ill Studio take art direction to new heights, producing all sorts of unique pieces like this, as well as intricate installations and epic visuals for clients including Louis Vuitton, L'Officiel, and Christophe Lemaire to name a few.

2. World Eater - Blanck Mass

Designed by: Carli Davidson

Aphex Twin protegé and spin-off of "Rainbow-Rock" enthusiasts Fuck Buttons, Benjamin John Power, a.k.a., Blanck Mass, carved out his niche back in 2010, and has since been producing all sorts of bizarre sounds since. It's only fitting, then, that he have a unorthodox record sleeve to match his persona. This sleeve being the work of wildlife-whisperer Carli Davidson, who manages to capture remarkable images of animals in any sort of scenario.

1. Volcano - Temples

Designed by: Jonathan Zawada

Cross-discipline artist and designer Jonathan Zawada has produced a smooth vector image using a tertiary palette, simple shapes, and gradients to create this 3-dimensional lock and key symbol. The full LP features four different striking colour variations of this design, which sits well with the trippy new aesthetic Temples have adopted.

Mason London produces illustrated lyric video for Cadenza & Allan Kingdom's "Vibes"

Mason London produces illustrated lyric video for Cadenza & Allan Kingdom's "Vibes"

5 Day Mischon - Tom Misch

5 Day Mischon - Tom Misch