Top 5 Album Sleeves of the Month: April

Top 5 Album Sleeves of the Month: April

Here are our Top 5 shortlisted entries for April's Album Sleeves of the Month:

5. Cold Beat - Chaos By Invitation

Designed by: Kevin McArthy

The artwork for Cold Beat's third studio album, Chaos By Invitation, is embellished in these somewhat arbitrary laser-cut, machine-readable patterns on the central image. This record is weighted with soaring synths and resonant bass tones that perfectly reflect the futuristic aura on the sleeve, right down to the space-grey border and digital type-font.

4. Happyness - Write In

Designed by: Jon EE Allan

As well as writing much of the composition on this record, Happyness' very own Jon EE Allan also produced the stunning artwork for their second studio LP, Write In. The design of this sleeve features an abstract, modern-art collage of stencils of contorted limbs, grainy planetary shapes, and what appears to be duo-tone photography in the background. Cited influences for Write In include bands like Big Star and Sonic Youth, so you can see where they've drawn their artistic motives from.

3. Nickolas Mohanna - Chroma

Designed by: Joe Gilmore

Chroma is the work of UK multi-disciplinary artist and graphic designer, Joe Gilmore. Gilmore's work comprises of a minimalist type identity typically upon either basic block colours or abstract photography. For Chroma, however, Gilmore has shifted the attention away from arrangement of text and focussed on a visual representation of Mohanna's accustomed "sound art" style and spacey orchestration with this magnetising, monochromatic tile effect. 

2. Joshua James - My Spirit Sister

Designed by: Unknown

Joshua James' My Spirit Sister is unashamedly brimming with personal truths and often painstaking sentiments, which almost begin to develop tangible qualities through the use of drab colours and tones, and the equally dismal subject matter on the sleeve. The more brooding themes of love, loss and parenthood, and suggestions of a mentally unstable artist, are well articulated sonically. But as these personal recitals are fully revealed to you by the end of the record, James urges you to revise your initial thoughts about who is hiding behind the mask, and discover that it is, in fact, him.


1. Arca - Arca

Designed by: Jesse Kanda

Arca's self-titled third studio LP, Arca, channels haunting, in-your-face soundscapes throughout, and follows up with equally bizarre visuals. The front cover of the record for a start is an instant grab around the collar, what with it's striking red hues and piercing eye details from hyperrealistic visual artist, Jesse Kanda, who has worked with the likes of Comme des Garcons, Kanye West, and FKA Twigs. Arca's collaborations with Kanda, which extend back to earlier works Xen (2014) and Mutant (2015), are as much about visual statements as they are musical.


The Witch - Pumarosa

The Witch - Pumarosa

True Moon - True Moon

True Moon - True Moon