Top 5 Album Sleeves of the Month: May

Top 5 Album Sleeves of the Month: May

Here are our Top 5 shortlisted entries for May's Album Sleeves of the Month:

5. Rocket - (Sandy) Alex G

Designed by: Rachel Giannascoli

Designed by the sister of the Philadelphian born, singer-songwriter Alex Giannascoli, the cover art for Rocket is every bit moving as it is sincere, harnessing much of the same creative flair visually, that Giannascoli is renowned for sonically. Alex G's scruffy - but mostly deliberate - bedroom indie-rock instrumentation meanders throughout, moving from one inviting anecdote to the next, and sister Rachel has done a fine job of capturing that endearing charm through her use of delicate hues and ambient, earthy tones.

4. The Weather - Pond

Designed by: Alex Joseph

It's the kind of vibrant, synth-led psych-rock elements of this record, running alongside the cover image of this post-modern, 60s-looking shopping mall architecture that plunges you back in time. It's a feel good record that, when the weather is right, can make for a much better listen. Aptly titled I'd say.

3. II - L.A. Takedown

Designed by: Unknown

While the artist behind this sleeve is unknown, the design for L.A. Takedown's second studio album adopts a kind of Jack Sachs style, 3d sculpting of a paracetamol between two fingers. And the transition from visual subject matter on the cover to the sound of the record is seamless; II programmes retro-style synths entrenched in an 80's arcadia of perfectly mechanised percussions and soundscapes. The whole package of this record is immaculate.

2. Routines - Hoops

Designed by: Jenna Beasley

Hoops' Routines gives a perfect description of what summer should sound like, pressed tightly into a 12" disc. It's only right that it be housed in a beautiful sleeve design from Madrid-based designer Jenna Beasley, who's minimalistic screen-print design utilises a palette of Tuscan shades to bring out that paradisal aura simply destined for a place in your soundtrack to the summer.

1. Green Twins - Nick Hakim

Designed by: Keith Rankin

Keith Rankin's design for Nick Hakim's second studio album Green Twins absorbs all of those weird sensations felt during the listening process and conjures up this hyper-surrealist art interpretation of a menacing eye-ball staring into some sort of mysterious mirror-turned-portal. It comes as no surprise that the work of Hakim, one of a handful of visionary musicians signed to ATO Records, be paired with an unusual sleeve design; King Gizzard's Flying Microtonal Banana (2016) and Drive-By Truckers' English Oceans (2014) as just a couple of other examples.

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