Album Sleeves of the Month: February

Album Sleeves of the Month: February

10. "Rock Island" - Palm

Designed by: Greg Burak

Palm's obsession with scattered rhythms and sounds are expressed both musically and artistically in their second LP, Rock Island. Painted by Greg Burak, the cover depicts a triad of "Ghost Hands" (as this piece's title suggests), positioned as obscurely as the music is heard; a style that is slowly becoming signature.

9. "Kyoto" - Tyga

Designed by: Hajime Sorayama

For Kyoto, rapper Tyga sought Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama for the cover of the record. Hajime was first introduced to Tyga's music after a gallery viewing in Bangkok. Known for his erotic depictions of Robots, the Japanese artist decided to dig out an old hybrid creature he'd worked on intermittently through the 70's and 80's instead of creating something fresh. 

8. "Lala Belu" - Hailu Mergia

Designed by: Jenny Soep

Known for her ability to draw live music, Jenny Soep really captures the electric atmosphere of a jazz club through blurred outlines and hazed lighting.

7. "Est-ce que tu vois le tigre?" - Le Roi Angus

Designed by: Mehmet Ali Türkmen

Translated from Swiss, meaning "Do you see the tiger?", artist Mehmet Ali Türkmen humorously dispels the impending question with this colourful entry for the French-Pop artist. 

6. "Silver Dollar Moment" - The Orielles

Designed by: Tim Head

Songs like "Mango" and "Sunflower Seeds" offer up a colourful palette of tones, and so to the artwork. West London multidisciplinary designer, Tim Head provides the finishing touches to the Yorkshire trio's debut album. 

5. "In a Poem Unlimited" - U.S. Girls

Designed by: Robert Beatty

Though Beatty is credited for the direction on this cover, the result is actually a 3-way collaboration with Meg Remy (U.S. Girls) and friend Colin Medley. Remy explained that the photograph was taken by Colin, scanned and printed with a colour xerox machine, painted on, and then finally scanned in to a computer for final retouching. 

4. "Atrium" - Sex Park

Designed by: Paul Burkhart

For Atrium, Sex Park go minimalistic; bringing the blue and white hues of the Chinese porcelain pipe, and seaingl it with a simple gradient-filled monogram. Photography, concept, design and sleeve logo was produced by Paul Burkhart, while Joshua Hearn produced the layout and logo gradient.

3. "Her" - Totally Mild

Designed by: Liz SylvesterDarren Sylvester

Australian artist Darren Sylvester, who works in multidisciplinary practices including photography, sculpture, video and performance, conducted the shoot for Totally Mild's second studio album, and also shot the cover for their debut record, Down Time, which also features Liz's wife Xanthe on the cover. With this record, Liz knew the album was going to use 'Her' as a main graphic, and wanted to use Xanthe again as a link between albums so the change was in the feel and have a much softer palette of dusk pinks and lime greens. Sylvester (Darren) helped create an emotional, 80's teen movie aesthetic for this record: "The cinematic trope of spying on neighbours using a glass cup provided the activation of Xanthe as a model with a generous helping of green food dye in a spa, all posed in a dive hotel". The resulting shot is stunning, and captures the band's musical transition from their debut to this. Room 237 springs to mind...


2. "Basic Behaviour" - Frigs

Designed by: Olenka Szymonski

It seems Toronto quartet, Frigs are ready to consume a new wave of post-punk fans with their fiery introduction, Basic Behaviour. The cover art, directed by freelance videographer Olenka Szymonski, offers up an oxymoron of calm and chaotic, executed through smooth textures and colours, and random arrangement.

1. "Insecure Men" - Insecure Men

Designed by: Oscar Burnett

Artist Oscar Burnett conjures up this cheery family photo to grab our top spot, featuring band members Saul and Ben, posed as giants, swarmed by a dozen children in colour-coordinated outfits, reminiscent of an early 20th Century children's novel.

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